Challenges of Private Media in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


From the experience of many countries we observe media‟s great role in building democratic and prosperous society. The challenges of private newspaper in Ethiopia: 2006-2008 attempts to discuss the challenges that hinder the private press in the country centers this research. To identify the factors and address the problem the researcher uses interview and questionnaire as methods of collecting data. Therefore five editors in chiefs from five selected newspaper are interviewed. In addition to that questionnaires are distributed to readers to collect their feedbacks on the issue discussed. The findings of the study show that the private press has distorted orientation towards its role in the country. Weak financial status, lack of trained journalists and security force‟s assault are the most mentioned challenges that weaken the performance of the private press. Even though every one believes strong professional association can curb the problem of the sector journalists fail from establishing it. Goverenement can try to weaken journalists association but most of the interviewed journalists point their finger on the practicing journalists.



Private Media