Determination of Some Factors that Affect the Survival Rate of Schizophrenia Patients: The Case of Butajira-Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The mental ill ness, schizophrenia, is a long-term brain disorder which interferes with a person's ability of thinking, managing emotions, making decisions and relating to other people. Schizoplu'enic patients have constantly been found to have a higher mortality rate. The aim of this research paper is therefore to make a contribution towards the overview of pati ents with schizophrenia and thereby to identify important factors that have a significant effect on the survival status of those patients in a five-year follow up. Proportional hazards model was employed to identify the covariates that have a statistically significant effect on the survival longevity of schizophrenic patients. The estimation of the model parameters is done by partial maximum li ke lihood procedures. Computer programs were prepared to obtain the partial maximum likelihood estimates for the underlying parameters in the model. The study had shown that marital status, substance use and duration of illness have a significant effect on the survival longevity of the patients in Butaj ira project.



Some Factors That Affect the Survival Rate