The exposure of women to HIV/AIDS: Societal explanations

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Addis Ababa University


The gender dimension of HIV/AIDS reveals that, owing to the social, cultural and economic reasons women comprise an increasing proportion of people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. In reducing the exposure of women as well as decreasing the overall prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS, addressing gender factors are core issues to be critically considered. The general objective of this study rests on looking at how the societal construction of femininity influences the vulnerability of women to HIV/AIDS in Bahirdar town. This study used indepth interview and focus group discussion methods as major primary data collection techniques. Purposive sampling technique is employed to select sample organizations and thereby 31 respondents. The finding of this study reveals that the societal values attached to femininity have great influence on the sexual behavior of women and their access to information and services on HIV/AIDS, increasing their exposure rate to HIV infection. Based on the finding of the study possible intervention areas, like design conducive environment towards the empowerment of women and gendered approach to HIV/AIDS, are also forwarded



Social Work