The Practice of Integrated Marketing Communications in Derba Cement Factory and MOHA Soft Drinks S.C

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was to explore the practice of IMC. The study was then made to draw the practice of integrated marketing communications in Derba Midroc Cement factory and MOHA Soft Drinks Industry S.C. The researcher employed a qualitative research approach and regarding generating data from interviewees, document analysis, and observation were conducted. The findings of this research indicated that the fully integrated marketing communications practice in both derba midroc cement factory and MOHA soft drinks industry S.C from the perspective of stages of IMC framework is slow-moving and much endeavor is anticipated. On the other hand, the results of this study indicate that the marketing communication instruments advertising and sales promotions are regularly and extensively utilized in both Derba Midroc Cement Factory and MOHA soft Drinks Industry S.C. But, on the other instruments mainly in public relations and Personal sailing and direct marketing is not widely and frequently used. Staffs have an optimistic attitude towards the practice of integrated marketing communications in derba midroc cement factory and MOHA soft drinks industry S.C. absence of integrated marketing communication plan and lack of technical pieces of training and absence of integrated marketing communications plan to conduct tasks were mentioned by interview participants as a challenge of IMC practice. Finally, the study suggested that the full integrated marketing communication activities should be conducted based on comprehensive planning and structural flaws should be improved. And a further study on observing the effectiveness of marketing communication instruments, and integrated marketing communication for worker inspiration.



Integrated Marketing communication, marketing communication instruments, stages of Integrated Marketing communication Framework