Measuring Customer-based Brand Equity in the Ethiopian Beer Industry

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study was to asses Aaker’s Customer-based brand equity model in the case of the Ethiopian beer industry. A questionnaire survey was administered to conveniently selected 384 samples of respondents. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analysis. The demographic findings of the study showed that most of the Ethiopian beer consumers are men. And also, the most popular beer brand in Ethiopia is St. George beer. being followed by Meta Beer. These two brands control the major market share while the remaining brands: Dashen, Bedelle and Harar share the rest of the market accordingly. The results also showed that, most of the Ethiopian beer consumers had beer only on weekends and once or twice a week only this holds true in all age, gender and educational back ground groups. Although all the determinants of Customer-Based Brand Equity had a positive influence on the overall brand equity of consumers, the study also revealed that among the determinants of Customer-Based Brand Equity, Perceived Quality had the strongest influence in the Ethiopian Beer industry case. Thus, Ethiopian breweries should exert their efforts to increase the Perceived Quality of their consumers so that their Overall brand equity would accordingly increase.



Customer-Based Brand Equity, Perceived Quality, Brand Preference