The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Marketing Performance: The Case of Cooperative Bank of Oromia (Coopbank)

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Addis Ababa University


The concept of corporate social responsibility has been a topic of interest, research and discussion both by academicians and practitioners over recent years and this study was conducted with a purpose of investigating the effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on the marketing performance of Coopbank; the bank whose one of its corporate value is Concern for Community and the topic is untouched in Ethiopian banking cases. Following extensive literature review, questionnaires were administered on sample size of 368 from employees of the bank to collect primary data. Data were analyzed following quantitative research approach integrated with explanatory research design. The data was analyzed descriptively and using multivariate linear regression model. The descriptive statistics of CSR domain revealed the mean score of variables are 3.9058, 3.8764, 3.9769 and 4.0639 for Economic CSR, Legal CSR, Ethical CSR and Philanthropic CSR respectively implying the existence of strong positive opinion (agreeing the for CSR dimensions) from respondents. Besides marketing performance scored mean of 3.9545 which implied there was strong perception of employees the bank performing marketing soundly. According to multivariate regression result, The coefficients of regression for Economic CSR, Legal CSR, Ethical CSR and Legal CSR were β1=0.170 at P=0.001, β2=0.150 at p=0.010, β3=0.198 at p=0.001 and β4=0.245 at p=0.000 respectively which means a single unit change in one of either Economic CSR dimension, Legal CSR dimension, Ethical CSR dimension or Legal CSR dimension it can cause 0.170, 0.150, 0.198 and 0.245 unit of change in marketing performance respectively and the formulated hypotheses were all supported. It is recommended for the bank to sustainably work on each CSR programs through building up of strong team who properly implement, record, report and assess the impact of CRS since marketing performance is positively and significantly related to CSR.



Economic Corporate Social Responsibility, Legal Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical Corporate Social Responsibility