Assessment of Load Carrying Capacity of Arch Bridge: Case study on Odie Bridge

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Addis Ababa University


Arch bridges possess an enormous capacity that can carry larger load than assessed through the application of limit state analysis and experimental methods. In the case of arch bridges, accessing detailed information of the structure is a bit difficult. In this study, load carrying capacity of Odie bridge, which is non-reinforced concrete arch bridge found in Ethiopia Federal Road Network, is carried out. Nonlinear finite element analysis was adopted using the total strain crack model in Midas FEA. Arch Bridge can manage load even with the formation of hinges. The study is focused on identification of the formation of cracks in arch barrel due to its own weight and vehicular loads applied at the quarter and crown point of the arch. Moreover, an influence surface along the top surface of the bridge was generated. Using the influence surface, the vehicular axle load positions were identified. Crack formation and stress in the arch due to a moving load is captured. To validate the numerical model, verification on Prestwood Bridge was used. The study revealed that the comparison between the numerical model and the full-scale test of Prestwood Bridge is applicable to estimate load carrying capacity of non-reinforced concrete arch bridges.



Load Carrying Capacity, rch Bridge, Odie Bridge