Assessment on the Effects of Child Undernourishment on the Academic Performance ofStuc1ents in Govemmental Primary School: The Case of "Atseliblledillgel" Governmental Primary School in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The development of a nation is closely interlinked with the education level and nutritional status of its population. Various studies have provided evidence of the importance of proper nutrition to the cognitive development of an individu al which also affects thei r educational achievements. This thesis assessed the effects of undernourishment on the academic performance of "Alse libnedingel" governmental primary school students, in Addis Ababa, "Kechene" slum and the factors of undernourishment. Methodologically, the research is infonned by qualitative case study approach. The study was undertaken utilizing an in-depth interview and document review. Thirteen students from 12-18 age intervals were purposively selected and addit ionally six teachers and school principals were interv iewed. Information of the academic perfonnances was extracted from the students' report cards, teachers' evaluation of the students, their class activities, study habit, attention and memory in the class and by their interaction with their peers and teachers. Major findings in this study are, the undernourishment ofthe students was significantly related with income and occupation of the parent, household size and sex of the household head and undernourishment of the students shows an effect on their score and grade, memory and attention, interaction with their teachers and peers and on their school activities. Improving the socio-economic status of the parents and school feeding program will lend a helping hand in the academic perfonnance of the students. Since good nutri tion is associated with better academic and intellectual performance it must be emphasized.



Assessment on the Effects of Child