Analysis of Organizational Communication Practice: Ethiopian Airlines in Focus

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Addis Ababa University


This study was an attempt to analyze how organizational communication of Ethiopian Airlines was functioning. As it is becoming known, organizational communication has been an important tool to achieve organizational objective. However, organizational communication of Ethiopian never been studied. Therefore, this thesis studied organizational communication practice of Ethiopian Airlines. The study employed both qualitative and quantitative research method to find out Ethiopian perfonnance in this regard. Questionnaires distributed to three hundred eighty-one employees of Ethiopian airlines. In addition, interview also conducted with the head of employees' engagement office of Ethiopian Airlines. The findings indicated that Ethiopian employees are very much aware of the significance of communication in their day-to-day activity. Moreover, the policy that guides the practice of intemal communication encourages employees to engage in honest and effective di scussion. However, the findings showed they are not effectively engaged in cormnunication; as a result, most employees are not happy by performance on intra-organizational communication their company. Even if Ethiopian has, a solid ground to have effective communication but it fai led to deliver the needed practice in the company. This study concluded based on the findings of this research. In the end, recommendation forwarded that researcher think helpful for the betterment of organizational communication in Ethiopian airline.



Organizational Communication Practice, Ethiopian Airlines in Focus