Assessing Project Monitoring and Evaluation Practice at Ethio-Telecom: The Case of Cloud Computing Service Project

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Addis Ababa University


Assessment of the monitoring and evaluation techniques used to obtain relevant details from completed and continuing projects to develop projects for the future. The study's primary goal was to assess the project's overall goal of launching cloud computing in ethio telecom and assess how well it was accomplished using project M&E metrics. The assessment was basically focused on evaluating the core business case for launching cloud computing, the project planning emphasizing M&E, the fundamentals of project M&E, and which factors were significantly affecting the effectiveness of project M&E practices at ethio telecom. It also evaluates readiness preparation, particularly the level of team training that was certain to affect monitoring and evaluation and what the overall M&E culture of the organization looked like. The researcher evaluated the abovementioned aims through a literature review and survey. A Google Form was used to distribute the survey to 45 employees who have direct contact with the cloud computing project. For the literature study, research papers from the Addis Abeba University website and the business world were picked. The study found that the cloud computing project placed a strong emphasis on its M&E activities, received technical training, and had a formal M&E plan. The three main elements of a cloud computing project are time, scope, and budget, and the company used lessons learned from earlier projects to implement an ERP system. This study recommends that ethio telecom implement a formal M&E system and make it accessible to all employees. It should establish standard M&E frameworks based on international best practices, employ technology-based M&E tools, integrate M&E processes into project implementation, establish the organization's goals, objectives, and key performance indicators, conduct a needs analysis, create M&E plans, provide training and support, include participants in the M&E process, use technology for data gathering, processing, visualization, and reporting, and set up a monitoring and evaluation plan, guide, and structure at the organizational level



Monitoring and Evaluation, Evaluation