Studies on Electron-Proton Bremsstrahlung and Rare Pion Decays

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Addis Ababa University


In this thesis the frame work of Covariant Perturbation Theory is adopted to calculate the transition probability and the differential cross section of one of the fundamental proCesSE'B in Quantum electrodynamics, namely, the Bremsstrahlung from electron due to the interaction with the electromag11etic field of moving proton (i.e. e + p ---7 e + p + ,). The matrix element Mfi and the corresponding traces of ,-matrices which are specific to the process have been evaluated explicitly. It is noticed that the bremsstrahlung' cross section due to a moving proton is exactly identical to the corresponding result for bremsstrahlung cross section due to stationary nucleus, when the target proton is taken to be infinitely massive compared to the incident electron. Furthermore, the theory is applied to calculate the transition amplitude, the decay rate f' and the lifetime of pion decaying to the electron-positron pair (i.e. "lr0 ---7 c+e-). Comparison of the result obtained with the experimental values of f' enabled us to determine the magnitude of the dimensionless coupling const,ant responsible for the decay, 9 4 ' = 2.35 X 10-15 • Be- IT sides the result predicts that the decay "lr0 ---7 e+ e-- proceeds through higher order electromagnetic interactions



Studies on Electron-Proton