Construction Industry Institute (CII) Best Practice of Contractors With Minimum Time & Cost Overruns in Ethiopian Road Authority Projects

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Addis Ababa University


Roads form an integral part of any nation’s transportation network, and are widely accepted to contribute positively to the socioeconomic development. This fact has meant many nations, particularly developing ones invest heavily in their infrastructure. In Ethiopia, this role is played by the Ethiopian Road Authority (ERA), which is responsible for the construction and administration of federal roads. However, road projects general face time and cost overruns as highlighted by numerous previous works. While the sources of these inefficiencies have been studied in detail, little investigation has been done to discover the reasons for some projects exhibiting above average performance. In this research, the level of awareness and implementation of the Construction Industry Institute’s (CII) best practices, which have been shown to improve project performance, on selected best performing road projects. The thesis set out by first identifying the top performing projects, followed by the identification of best practices of contractors said performance among ERA projects which were completed between 2009 and 2019GC. A questionnaire was used to assess the uptake of CII construction best practices was distributed among top performing projects stakeholders, namely contractors, consultants, and client (ERA), their client. Respondents were also asked to rank factors which negatively affected project performance. The results showed that negative factors correlated strongly with evidence from the literature review and showed a lack of proper planning and management among all stakeholders. Respondents also indicated that they are aware of CII best practices and their impact on project performance. The results showed that support from top management, vertical alignment, having a set of shared goals, establishing trust, and have an interdependent relationship among stakeholders were very important to the successful completion of projects. This research recommends that work must be done in the implementation of best practices and increasing the level of awareness among other industry members to improve sectoral performance, as their importance has been established in this research. This should be taken as a goal by the government and shall be incorporated in the curriculum. The use of best practices should also be extended to other construction industry sectors based on research similar to this.



Construction Best Practices, Construction Industry Institute (CII), Project Performance