Performance Appraisal Practices And Challenges In Branna Printing Enterprise

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Addis Ababa University


It was not known and no research exists that examines the practice and challenges of performance appraisal practices in Branna Printing Enterprise. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to assess the practice and challenges of performance appraisal in Branna Printing Enterprise. The study tries to address the basic questions of practices of performance appraisal system, the challenges, the strengthens and weakness and the consequences of performance appraisal system in BPE. To answer these questions, the study was employed through descriptive design in which data from employees and management have been collected using questionnaires and interviews. The total number of staff at BPE was 305 and for this study simple random sampling technique was used by taking 92 employees to fill in the adapted questionnaire, which was the main data collection instrument. The data gathered from the questionnaire have been compiled by using SPSS software. Descriptive statistics method had been used for analyzing data obtained from questionnaire and data gathered from interview and focus group discussion and document analysis have been analyzed contextually. The result of the analysis will be presented using tables. The findings of the study and the outcome of the research presented at the end



performance appraisal, practice