Effects of Controlled Atmosphere Storage and Temperature on Quality Attributes of Mango

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Addis Ababa University


This study was conducted to analyze the effects of Controlled Atmosphere Storage (CAS) and low temperatures on quality attributes of cv. Keitt mango. Mango is one of the choicest fruits in the world and popular due to its delicious taste, pleasant aroma and nutritional value. To date, only 3% of the total world production is being exported due to the perishable nature of the product, lack of proper storage and other postharvest related diseases. Post-harvest loss of mango in Ethiopia is estimated to be between 25-40% and would occurred during handling, transportation and storage. Storage loss could exist through main factors affecting the quality of mangoes which are atmospheric conditions and temperatures. CAS is an agricultural technology which monitor and adjust constantly the level of CO2 and O2 within storage to reduce the rate of physiological and biochemical changes, ethylene sensitivity and incidence of decay development of mangoes and also inhibit pathogen growth. Up to now only very few number of research was done on the effects of CAS on Ethiopian mango. Thus, this study hopes to shed some light on the determination of optimum storage condition of Ethiopian mango and in effect to reduce the large postharvest loss of mango. The experimental design was designed by randomized block design for both factors; CAS and temperatures. The Controlled Atmosphere Storage (CAS) had four experimental treatments:-at constant storage temperature of 7oC and its atmospheric conditions A (10%CO2 + 6%O2), B (8%CO2+ 6%O2), C (5%CO2+5%O2) and Control (ambient condition). Storage temperature with 7, 10,13oC and control (ambient temperature) treatments also accomplished. The result showed the effect of CAS on weight loss and firmness of the cv. Keitt mango is significant between fruits stored in CAS and ambient atmosphere and LSD at 0.05=3.12 and 1.708 respectively. And the effect of temperature on TSS, TAA, pH, weight loss, firmness and skin color was significant effects between fruits stored within the designed treatments and their LSD values at 0.05 was( 0.317,6.58, 3.46, 4.148, 6.50 and 2.41).The effects of CAS and temperature on quality attributes of the stored fruits were confirmed by sensory analysis. Therefore, fruits stored at 7oC with 10%CO2 +6%O2 have best sensory preference to extend the storage life of cv. Keitt mangoes beyond 6weeks. In addition, fruits stored at 13oC without considering the effect of CA conditions also best and can store up to 21 days without Chilling Injuries (CI) effect. Finally, it can be conclude that CAS is important in extending storage life of cv. Keitt mango up to 6 weeks with the optimum atmospheric conditions (at 7oC and 10%CO2 + 6%O2) and it can also store at temperature of 13oC for 3 weeks without significant quality loss and CI effect



Pleasant Aroma and Nutritional Value, Controlled Atmosphere Storage