Community Participation in the Implementation of Primary School Curriculum: The Case of Megabit 18 Elementary School in Tigray Region

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Addis Ababauniversity


The purpose of this study was to investigate the community participation in primary school curriculum implementation by examining the school's initiatives and commilm nts, the level of community participation in school management and fulfilling infrastructure; In addition to these, it was aimed at identifying factors thal in!lucnce community participation, and Lo come out with solutions. The mcthod uscd in this study was a mixed method approach and data were collected through questionnaires, intervicws and document sources. Data through questionnaires were collected from teachers and students, and the interview data were collected from the principals, PTA members and parents in the school, that is Megabit 18 Elementary School. The findings indicated that community participation in primary school curriculum implementation in Megabit 18 Elementary school is bounded by money contribution for building construction and PTA members participation in monitoring financial resources distribution effectively. But the participation of parents in school-parent relations, parent-teacher cooperation, and parents involvement in the children's education in School is unsatisfactory. Parents support their children in education privately at home. The low parent involvement in primary school curriculum implementation was found to be due to lack of adequate training from the side of pri\lcipals, lack of training and awareness of lhe teachers and parents. , To enhance community participation in primary school curriculum implementation, the school has to take part the new education !I.-eform program, -that is community participation in school improvement program and general t educational leadership,' management and organization improvement program



Primary School Curriculum