Gender Issues in ''Land of the Yellow Bull'' and ''Dertogada''

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Addis Ababa University


The main of this study; aspects of gender issues in Land of the yellow bull and Dertogada, is to show gender related issues observed in both novels. To succeed the main objective of the study the research answers perceptions of male characters towards female characters, gender based problems faced by the characters, and what inequality effects has an influence on interactions between male and female. More importantly, the research examines gender roles, relations, and occupational differences, in Land of the yellow bull and Dertogada. The study is conducted based on textual analysis of the novels; hence, the researcher provides selective and relevant extracts from the novels for analysis part. The status of men and women of Ethiopia is stated under the Background of the study and the relevance of studying the aspects of gender issues is given in the first chapter. MA theses is based on gender and on the selected novels have been reviewed to confirm that this research is differ from the other studies on the same title. In conceptual frame works detailed and brief explanations on the main concept of gender and gender related issues discussed by distinguished scholars were given. The usual features of gender issue aspects which are dealt with the experience of women in the world especially in developing countries. From them cultural stereotype, gender relation, character stereotype, intimacy between men and women, marriage relation, gender equality, and women's assertiveness are the themes that have been explored in the selected novels. Finally, the researcher concluded the overall concepts that were raised in the previous chapters. As it has been analyzed in the analysis part; the performance and acceptance of women in civilized and uncivilized society is different. Uncivilized or rural peoples are conservative to their culture and identity. They are honest for the practices and cultures they developed from their fore-fathers. Even though, they have a big place for both sexes, their rules and cultures have side to the men and will not be accepted by civilized or literate peoples. On the other side, women's contribution with equal opportunity to do everything, freedom of speech and intelligent and innovative mind and its result is shown on the other novel Dertogada.



Gender, Land of the Yellow Bull and Dertogada