Assessment of Green Building Construction Project Management Practice in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The building industry is the world's largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and contributor to environmental degradation, necessitating the need for green construction. Environmental sustainability and other ecological considerations drive green building programs, as well as the need to reduce the expense of building operations after construction to provide financial savings and a competitive advantage. However, the idea of green building projects is relatively new in Ethiopia, as it is in the majority of developing African countries. And even the very few green building projects in Addis Ababa continues to be hindered by a lack of a suitable project management system for such projects. This study explores Addis Ababa's green building construction project management practice, identifies obstacles, and expresses serious concern about taking the necessary steps for GBC development through project management for future projects. To address the research query, a quantitative data collection and analysis approach was used. Data was collected for statistical analysis using a questionnaire sent to professionals who participated in 5 Green Building projects in Addis Ababa. It was discovered that the existing green building construction practice in Addis Ababa is at a very low level and faces significant challenges, indicating the need for a shift from conventional practices to green specifications and the creation of a well-documented project management system to be led by in order to remain on track with project schedules, budgets, and quality. Planning of different construction technique, Difficulty in comprehending the green specifications in the contract details, Specific budget specification of the green project, Specific performance required for green building projects, Resistance to change from their traditional practices, Lack of the technical skill regarding green technologies and techniques, Workers' unaware of the correct methods and procedures and Lengthy BCA approval process for new technologies are among the top challenges found to be highly encountered. As the outcome of the study shows, schedule and cost overruns are highly anticipated in green building construction projects, though quality can be assured with relatively less impact. It was also discovered that Stakeholder management, materials resources management, schedule management and planning, cost management, communication management and risk management are found to be critical management knowledge areas that project managers must possess for GBC projects to succeed.



Green Building construction, Project Management, building industry