Factors Affecting The Effectiveness Of Aysha Wind Energy Generation Construction Project

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Addis Ababa University


Energy generation construction projects in Ethiopia are affected by so many factors. So, the objective of this paper is to identify the factors affecting the effectiveness of Aysha wind energy generation construction project; and to elicit perceptions of the key project participants towards the relative importance of the factors. A comprehensive literature review was deployed to generate a set of factors believed to affect the effectiveness of a project. Consequently, 36 factors categorized in to 7 groups were identified and based on these factors a questionnaire was prepared. At the end of the questionnaire, explanatory questions were added in order not to block the respondents from explaining their perceptions freely with their own words. The total population of the project is 45. So a total of 45 questionnaires were distributed to the 3 key groups of project participants; namely owners, consultants and contractors. The perception of these participants towards the factors was rated using the relative importance index method (RII) and ranked. Moreover Kendall’s coefficient of concordance method (W) was used to analyze the degree of agreement in rating among the 3 key groups of project participants. The survey findings indicate that all the 3 groups agree that the most important factors affecting the effectiveness of Aysha wind energy generation construction project are: tendering method, Economic environment, Procurement method, contractor’s cash flow, client’s ability to make decision, overall managerial action, control subcontractor’s works, contractor’s experience, supervision and involvement of subcontracting, and site management. Based on these findings the paper recommends that (1) the owner should secure the finance properly before starting construction of the project. (2) Before procurement processes are started, the design and specification processes should be carefully analyzed and completed in order to avoid design changes from the beginning. (3)The main contractor should take the full responsibility of the entire construction project than transferring some risks to subcontractor



Factors affecting effectiveness, effectiveness of projects, energy generation construction projects