An Exploration of Indigenous Communication Practice of Shekacho Community, Ooto as a Means to Promote Peace, Cultural values and Cultural identities

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The role of indigenous communication still exists in different communities of Ethiopia. The people of Sheka are one of the longest lived people of Ethiopia, who practiced the indigenous communication, i.e. Ooto as a means to promote peace, cultural values and identities. The purpose of this study was to explore the role of indigenous communication of Shekacho community, Ooto as a means to promote peace, cultural values and identities. Interpretive approach through the ethnography of communication theory was used as a theoretical framework for the study and ethnography was applied as a research process, i.e. the qualitative inquiry with ethnographic design was applied. In-depth interview, focused group discussion and ethnographic observations were applied to collect data. Then, thematic analysis was applied as a data analysis method. Under the main six different themes, the study found Ooto very important in promoting peace, cultural values and identities in the Shekacho community. The study finding assured Ooto as it is a means to transfer indigenous knowledge and skill among the community. The study also found that Ooto is helpful in encouraging intra-cultural communication. However, the study finding showed that this indigenous communication practice is facing challenges nowadays. Ooto is missing its target and role as it is used for political purposes with no significance to the mass. The transfer of this asset from generation to generation is weakening. Thus, to avoid such dangers from the community’s asset and not to have generation without indigenous knowledge, skill, cultural values and identities, it is better to work cooperatively to teach the new generation about the indigenous cultural communication practices and its role.



communication of Shekacho community