Assessment of the Performance of Export Support/Promotion Services: The Case of EEPA/EPD

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Addis Ababa University


The rapid pace of technological change and increased capital mobility has stimulated a process of globalization which has encouraged firms to locate the production process across countries to take advantage of differences in comparative advantage. Today the world is becoming a small village. To be participant in this is process is not a matter of choice but indeed a must. Since the last two decades Ethiopia has been taking series of macro and micro -economic measures and shows its commitment to integrate itself to the global economy. Though there are improvements in both the type and quantity of export commodities, the country has been experiencing an increase in the negative balance of trade. It is believed that effective national export support/promotion programs, if complemented with enabling national environment and international market access, are instrumental to sustainable growth and development. Additionally, in countries like Ethiopia, establishment and effective execution of a public export promotion/support service, that is integrated, networked, and has the public’s trust and confidence is very desirable. In the course of this research project factors hindering this process are identified and possible solutions forwarded.



Export Support/Promotion Services