Designing Knowledge Management Framework for Facilitating Indigenous Craft Knowledge Preservation and Transfer the Case of Cloth Production at Shiromeda

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Addis Ababa University


This study aimed to investigate the Design knowledge management framework that preserves, and transfers indigenous craft knowledge of Cloth production practices in local communities of Shiromeda, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The paper talks around the significance of indigenous Knowledge, particularly the traditional cloth production indigenous knowledge, of the Ethiopian cultural cloth production sector. The study distinguishes the sources where the indigenous knowledge resides and examines the current knowledge sharing culture between different partners in connection to traditional cloth production; then adjusts different concepts from pre outlined partnered Knowledge Management (KM) models to plan an Indigenous Knowledge Management Framework (IKMF) custom-made to Ethiopian cultural cloth setting. Mixed approach is utilized to examine existing gaps that will likely be started by different relevant attributes. Qualitative approach is employed for interviewed data analysis and quantitative approach for analyse and drive conclusion from questionnaire data. This examination substantiated by different sources to assemble knowledge, examine and at last created an IKMF that envelops a cyclic Indigenous Knowledge preserve and transfer processes with the thought of different factors extracted from collected data. Accordingly, 30 key respondents were chosen through purposive sampling and were used for the quantitative data collection. For the qualitative data semi structured interviews were used for data collection where 26 respondents were interviewed and analysed using thematic content analysis moreover qualitative data were analysed using thematic approach. The results showed that the local communities shared IK of traditional cloth production by using traditional practices. Poor knowledge sharing and preservation culture, lack of trust, political dimensions or social status, poor recognition of IK holders, lack of an awareness are the barriers of effective management of IK of traditional cloth production practices in the study community. Hence, we develop an ICK framework that will support indigenous knowledge preservation and transfer. The framework also facilitates keeping the traditional cloth production knowhow and activities among community, craftsman and stakeholder organizations so as to facilitate preservation and transfer to new generations.



Indigenous Craft Knowledge, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management Framework, Cloth Production