Assessment of Project Management Practice Implemented in Mega Construction Projects In Developing Nations: a Case Study on Meskel Square to City Hall Parking and Street Refurbishment Project

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Addis Ababa University


This paper aims to assess the extent of project management performance in the Meskel Square to City Hall Parking and Street Refurbishment Project and if the practice was successful in relation to project success and project management success. Many researches regarding construction projects implies that even though many developing countries, including Ethiopia, are depending on mega construction projects to achieve their national growth plans they are failing to fulfil their desired outcomes due to a lack of proper implementation of project management practices. The study focuses only on the project consultant and stakeholder representative offices BKW C.A.P.E PLC. This study used a qualitative and quantitative descriptive type of research design method in which data was collected from 53 project participants through a questionnaire and an interview with the project manager, assistant project manager, and head resident engineer to elaborate on vague issues regarding the practice. Mean value and percentage methods are used to analyses and interpret the data from quantitative approaches. MS Excel is used to calculate the mean value, grand mean value and percentage. The findings reveal that project quality management, project human resource management, and project communication management, as well as the project execution process group and the project monitoring and controlling process group, were managed and practiced at a high level. Project cost management, Project scope management, project integration management, and project stakeholder management knowledge areas, in addition to project planning process groups and project closing process groups, were practiced at a moderate level. On the contrary, there was poor and unsatisfactory practice concerning project time management and project risk management knowledge areas, as well as the project initiation process group. Based on the results of the PM process groups and knowledge areas, the general PM practice of MSCHRP was a moderate level of project management practice. The study also discovered that project management practice are crucial to project management success and project success as well. In the end, it was recommended for the company to maintain their positive PM practices and focus on those that showed a low level of practice. And areas for further study are indicated by the researcher



Mega construction Project, Project management