Effect of Supply Chain Integration on Operational Performance in Ethiopian Wash Sector

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Addis Ababa University


During recent decades, the issue of water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH) is critical. How to improve the operation performance of government and non-governmental organization in WASH service implementation has attracted an increasing attention on a global scale. Although there is general understanding on the importance of supply chain integration (SCI), little is known regarding SCI and their impact on operational performance in WASH sector. The study had one main objective to achieve: to assess the effect of supply chain integration on operational performance of WASH sector in Ethiopia. The study employed an explanatory research design and the target population of the study were government and non-government organizations. The indicators of supply chain integration are measured by Self-administered questionnaire using a five point Likert scale. The study applied correlation and regression analysis to investigate the relationship and impact between supply chain integration construct and operation performance. The result of the study indicated that all supply chain integration dimensions and operation performance had a positive relationship with each other and supply chain integration elements have direct impact on operational performance. The study concluded that, the issue of internal integration, external integration and information integration with in the sector were discouraging and below the expectation level. Findings from the study recommend that, supply chain integration is necessary and inevitably for all the processes and activities from supplier to customer and vice versa. In order to improve operational performance in Water and Sanitation organizations in Ethiopia, Supply chain integration needs to be aligned with channel members across WASH sector



supply chain integration, information integration, internal integration, operational performance, external integration