The Challenges of Implementing Reproductive Health and Related Programs: the Case of Mokonisa Rural Keble, Wonago Woreda, Gedeo Zone, SNNPRsrs

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Addis Ababa University


Ethiopia achieved promising progress in health sector after developing HSDP and health extension program. However, implementing some selected components of Reproductive Health program, specifically FP, ANC, delivery and postnatal care; and immunization, that are given emphasis in the RH strategies for the year 2006 to 2015, assumed to be challenging in densely populated rural kebele. Hence, this study was conducted with the main objective of assessing the challenges that impeded the implementation of RH and related programs. Across sectional community- based research design backed by qualitative in-depth interviews and FGDs were used. In addition, both descriptive and exploratory method was set from May 12 to July 10, 2014 at Mokonisa kebele(in Wonago wereda, Gedeo zone of SNNPR, Ethiopia).The study population consisted of all married women in reproductive age registered in the kebele administration office in the list of conventional households. To this end, 360 women samples were included in the study, pre test questionnaire was administered. The collected data were entered and analyzed by SPSS 16.0.The qualitative data was also analyzed through non- tactical bases in their thematic areas. The result of the study showed that RH services in general were under- utilized in the study area attributed to socio economy barriers and inadequate resources in health facilities; weak information channel, negligence to adolescents RH, practices of early marriage. As a result, special attention needs to be given to the most densely populated kebele, the study area, by mobilizing relevant stakeholders and deploying adequate resources so as to surmount the challenges and bring sustainable demographic transition that can enhance socio-economic change in the study area



SNNPRs, Gedeo zone, Wonago woreda, Mokonisa rural keble