Factors Causing Academic Staff Turnover in Jimma University (2003-2007)

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The main purpose of this study was to identify the main factors that caused academic staff turnover in Jimma University (JU) from 2003 to 2007. The study used self administered questionnaires to gather data. The main sources of the data were the ex academic staff of J u. The sample size was 42 respondents and snowball sampling was used to get the sample size. The major tool used to analyze the data was descriptive statistics and the data entry was done using SPPS version 11. The study showed that absence of graduate study opportunity was the l1Iain cause of turnover in the University. This is followed by poor salary. These factors are both form 'compensation and other benefits' section. On the other hand almost all respondents were satisfied with their jobs in the University. In addition to This, job dissatisfaction found to be not among the factors that caused turnover. Work environment was also among factors that caused turnover in the University. Geographic location of Jimma, family responsibility, and relationships with the University administration were among factors That caused The academicians to leave the University. To solve these problems, it is better to consider the following remedies. Creating more opportunities of further studies, increasing income of the academicians using different means, acknowledging the staff for their performances.



Academic Staff Turnover, Factors Causing