The Effect Of Supply Chain Management On Hotel Service Delivery The Case Of Addis Ababa Hilton International Hotel

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Addis Ababa University


In this paper, the effect of supply chain management on service delivery of the Addis Ababa Hilton is investigated. Supply chain management practice is one of the functions accomplished in the company among other practices. The specific objective of this research is to investigate and understand the key drivers for supply chain management practices of the hotel. Also, to explore determinant variables which affects hotel service deliveries for the hotel customers and to explain the relationship between supply chain management and operational service delivery of the hotel. Moreover, the study covers the relationship between supply chain management and marketing department. The research model is drawn from the literature review section and some empirical studies. Only quantitative data was used in this research. Data analysis was performed with the use of stepwise regression analysis using SPSS 20 statistical software. To check the internal consistency of the data cronbach alpha test was conducted. Finding showed that supply chain management has statistically significant effect on hotel service delivery. The study recommends that SCM is highly important to Addis Ababa Hilton and the company need to give high emphasis on it. The company must give priority to quality and cost efficiency of the service delivery for better profit. The company as much as possible should work for further enhancement of the management of the supply chain activity.



statistically significant, service delivery, investigate understand