Comparative Media Coverage Analysis of GERD in Ethiopian Herald and Al Aharam of Egypt between February 2019 and August 2020

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Addis Ababa University


Abay (called Nile in foreign lands) is the longest river in the world crossing 6,700 kilometers through eleven riparian countries of Africa. Even though Ethiopia is the top most contributor of Nile water, so far, Ethiopia utilizes less than one percent of the potential of Nile for irrigation and hydroelectric power and it is faced with severe drought. However, the issue of water allocation in the Nile Basin has been in quandary, particularly between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia since Ethiopia launched the construction of GERD on 2 April, 2011. Accordingly, this study has employed comparative document analysis method to identify the difference in coverage of GERD between Herald and Al Ahram newspapers. To this end, the study has judiciously selected 156 samples of articles (78 from each newspaper). The time covers between February 2019 to August 2020 in which GERD diplomacy was uniquely intensified. To this end, mass communication and media coverage theories and explanations are thoroughly discussed. The research employed purposive sampling and qualitative method of investigation. The findings show that Al-Ahram prioritizes coverage of negotiation followed by issues of politics and diplomacy. Nevertheless, it frequently employs coverage of provocation, where as it gives less attention to economic benefit and cooperation aspect of coverage. In the contrary, Ethiopian Herald gives major attention to coverage of cooperation followed by politics and economy. The research showed that the GERD media coverage of the two newspapers in Ethiopia and Egypt is completely contradicting based on their interest to cover. The study has found that Ethiopian Herald and the Egyptian Al Ahram newspapers covered contradicting issues on the issues of GERD negotiation



Comparative Media Coverage Analysis of GERD in Ethiopian Herald and Al Aharam