Assessing the Perceptions and Challenges of the New Ethiopian Tourism Brand “Ethiopia: Land of Origins” for Country Branding

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Addis Ababa University


This research concentrates on the fact that the new Ethiopia tourism brand “Ethiopia: land of origins” can enhance the performance of tourism in the country. This study offers an original insight into branding as a tool to enhance tourism performance through image analysis. This research focuses on the importance of these dimensions (the new tourism brand awareness compare to the previous tourism brand and other African Tourism brands to enhance the performance of the tourism sector in Ethiopia) on stakeholder’s perceptions, challenges and their contribution to promote the new Tourism brand. However, this research was aimed assessing the perception, challenges and collaboration among tourism stakeholders in Addis Ababa in promoting the new tourism brand of Ethiopia. And to find out how the tourism brand “Ethiopia: land of origins” affects the tourism industry and investigate the role and collaboration. A semi structured questionnaire and in-depth interview was conducted to provide answers to research questions. In this study, 384 questionnaires were distributed, and 373 returned. The scope of the research was based on the assumption that all tourists of national museum, promotional activities and contribution of the new Ethiopian tourism brand in enhancing performance of tourism sector in Ethiopia. Despite the academic attention to branding in Tourism, there seems to be no clear path for authorities to follow in establishing their marketing strategic plan for branding, stakeholder’s effort to promote the new tourism and Ethiopia as a tourist destination, there success of promotional strategies in their department activities to enhance institutional capacity for promotion with progress in attractive foreign tourist. A comprehensive research framework with both qualitative and quantitative methods was used to suggest and assess these new brand elements, meanings, and assets for both supply and demand sides of the market. In conclusion, the research findings indicate that the new brand “Ethiopia: land of origins” has a significant positive effect on Tourism Performance in Ethiopia. However, as the study reveals that different stakeholders who are involved in Tourism to promote the new brand and Ethiopia as a Tourist Destination are not working together to achieve their common goals.



Branding, Country Branding, Ethiopia land of origins, stakeholders.