Assessing Meaning Construction of Social Media Discourses. In the case of Oromia and Somali Regional States Ethnic Conflicts of 2017 and 2018.

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This research project has explored and critically examined the effect of social media discourses for ethnic conflict in Oromia and Somali region. Qualitative approach was employed for answering the assessment questions and to attain objectives of the study. The discourses of sample news and articles of this study were critically analyzed. The study applied document and contextual analysis to analyze the discourse of the news and articles.22 news and articles in two years period were purposefully selected. The selected news and articles were analyzed and interpreted to find out their effect on Ethnic conflict in Oromiaand Somali region. Furthermore, relevant literatures were also reviewed. The news and articles from four facebook pages were seen critically. The word and phrase usage in the news got analyzed in this study. Extensive literature review on media and Ethnic conflict,social media and ethnic conflict with universal critical discourse theory, facilitated the structuring of the research questions, which addressed the journalistic issues in new media sector. Peace journalism, neutral reporting and journalism ethics is clearly stated in this study. In this qualitative inquiry, data were gathered through document in purposive sampling. Out of the 22 articles analyzed in this research, 8 were found to be contributing positively towards fighting ethnic conflicts while 12 were found to help escalate ethnic conflicts.



Ethnic conflict in Oromia and Somali region