Social Media Practice In the African Union: Focusing On the Union’s Face book Page In 2019

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Addis Ababa University


In this technologywise world, the media landscape is shifting towards digital platforms. Social Media is becoming a tool to convey information and communication to a larger audience This research is done on the Social Media Practices in the African Union and the usage of its Facebook Page in 2019. Social media, particularly facebook is now becoming one of the influencial social media alternatives for individuals and it will see the process on how the African union is addressing issues for the African people via its facebook page. It tried to show how to present information on the facebook page and how to set issues for the readers in an appropriate manner. The paper also tried to look at wheather the posts are covering social, economic and political issues on regular basis or not as well as the reactions of the union against the commnets. I have conducted an assessment in each month’s posts and examine the characters of the posts and reactions against them and tried to quantify the samples taken on each month. Therfore, the paper displays what and how the african union agnedas being addressed through the page . Key Words : African Union, Social Media, Facebook, posts



African Union, Social Media, Facebook, posts