Project Procurement Management Practice: The case of Heineken Phase Three Project

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to describe project procurement management practice in Heineken breweries share company Kilinto phase three Project. To address the objectives of this study a descriptive research design was employed. Primary source of data were employed such as interview and questionnaire as a primary. The data gathered through questionnaire had a sample size of 26 who were directly involved in the project, where 23 had responded to the questions and an interview was conducted with three members of the project. The data gathered from the questionnaire was analyzed using percentage and descriptive analysis was performed. The data gathered from the interview has been analyzed qualitatively. The project work focused within project procurement management practice of Heineken breweries share company Kilinto phase three Project by addressing the process namely: planning, conducting, control and closing procurement. Generally, the project to some extent follows the procurement management theoretical aspect with gaps also being a key part. Some of the major recommendation are to have clear communication regarding the requirements needed, bidder conference should be given more emphasis in order to avoid miscommunication and payments should be made on the agreed terms.



Project Procurement Management, planning, conduct, control and closing procurement