The State of Special Needs Education Graduates in Exercising their Profession in Addis Ababa, Addis Ketema, Lideta and Gulelle Sub-Cities

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This study was conducted to investigate the state of special needs education graduates in exercising their profession in Addis Ketema, Lideta and Gulelle sub-cities, Addis Ababa of Ethiopia. The study employed a mixed methods approach. The population of the study was 112(one hundred twelve); In view of that, the researcher took all 103(one hundred three) special needs education professionals as a sample of the study for questionnaire purposively/availably selected respondents and 3(three) school principals, 3(three) sub-cities special needs education expert officers, 3 (three) sub-cities educational bureau officers for interview. The instrument employed to collect data from respondent were questionnaire, interview and observation. The technique used to analyze; the quantitative data was frequency and percentage and the qualitative data was analyzed through narration. The major findings indicated that the special needs education graduates in Addis Ababa city has been assigned in schools. But some of the special needs education professionals were responsible to assign in irrelevant duties. On the other hand, there are challenges that special needs education professionals are facing in the course of their work. Because they lack of shortages in dealing with learners with disabilities, poor learning environment, luck of budget, curriculum guide, instructional material, school facilities and other support specialists. So due to these and other reasons many children with disabilities were do not got the necessary professional services and support from the school. The conclusion is to provide the necessary base for policy makers, planners, school administration and other stakeholders to realize the magnitude of the problem and design variable and effective change and take measures by mitigating the problem under consideration.