Assessment of Causes of Delay in Water Supply Construction Projects: The case Study of World Vision Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Construction delays are common problems in water supply projects in Ethiopia. The delays in construction projects are the major causes of project failure. If the delay is not identified and the corrective project management decision is not taken in time a project may incur extra cost and extension of project time, which gives rise to dissatisfaction to all the parties involved and nowadays it’s becoming a major obstruction for their development for developing countries like Ethiopia. The research intended to identify the major causes that are led to project delay. To achieve the objective, the study employed descriptive research approach and both primary and secondary data were used. Questionnaires and desk review was tools used collect the data required. This research first identified 58 factors causing delay in Ethiopian water supply construction sector, and then the most common and critical causes of construction delay were evaluated by the data collected in a survey of program managers, regional coordinators and site engineers. The findings show that the main critical factors that cause construction delays in water supply sector in Ethiopia are: (1) adverse weather condition, (2) delay in approval of documents, (3) equipment Failure, (4) scarcity of material in the market,(5) poor supervision, (6) poor site management, (7) fluctuation of prices of materials, (8) change in subsurface conditions, (9) slowness in decision making process and, (10) low skills of labor.



slowness in decision making process, Construction delays are common problems, change in subsurface conditions