A Cloud Computing Framework for Ethiopian Higher Education Institutions

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Addis Ababa University


Educational institutions throughout the World have become highly dependent on information technology for their teaching-learning, service delivery and business requirements. Procuring and maintaining a wide range of hardware and software require substantial, ongoing investment and the skills to support them. In the current financial crisis and being challenged by growing needs, universities are facing problems in providing necessary information technology (IT) support for educational, research and development activities. The objective of this paper is to find alternatives to the use of IT, while leading universities try improve agility and obtain savings. The research methodology consisted a rigorous analysis of the latest research on Cloud Computing as an alternative to IT provision, management and security. It also took into account the best practices for Cloud Computing usage within universities, interviewing with selected ICT directors, plus the authors’ experience in IT and higher education. The research paper discussess the advanatges of cloud computing for educational institutions, the limitations of current IT utilization in Ethiopian Higher Education institutions. It also discussess alaternative solutions to solve the current IT utilizations limitations in Ethiopian Higher Education Institutions. The research finding shows that Cloud Computing is the better ICT utilization mechanism for Education institutions teaching-learning and service delivery requirements, for it enables wise and strategic use of technoloy which significantly reduces cost. Accourdingly, when the Proposed Hybrid Cloud Computing model is implemented, it will have significant contribution to the country in different aspects. Keywords: Cloud Computing, Higher Education Institutions



Cloud Computing,, Higher Education Institutions