Factors Affecting women Leadership Participation: The Case of Addis Ababa Police Commission

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Women have been faced different challenges to participate in management position, due to different factors. Practically as we know, there were less women leaders than men leaders both as country and organizational level. The purpose of this research was, to investigate out the influence of, (organizational, socio-cultural and individual) factors, on women leadership participation in AAPC. The study was conducted, in AAPC head office women police officers, who working in different department. In order to meet this objectives quantitative and qualitative research method were employed for this particularly study. The data were collected by questionnaire, interview and FGD. Both descriptive and inferential statistics techniques were used to analyze the quantitative data. In addition, a regression analysis was also conducted to test how well the above factors predict the women leadership participation. Accordingly, the main result of the study indicated that, the major factors that hinder women leadership participation in AAPC, were organizational factors like:, lack of gender sensitive policy and strategies, low level of education, lack of affirmative action and quota system and the like. The other factor which discourages women for leadership participation was socio-cultural factor, which society wrong perception toward women leadership engagement. Societies believe that leadership is only for men, women have no quality for leadership position and the like. Further additional factor that hinder women leadership participation was women individual factor, (glass ceiling effect, lack of social network with others and fear of balancing home activities and office work). Finally, the recommended mechanisms which for women leadership empowerment are, initiating women sensitive policy and strategies, establishing a kind of affirmative action and quota system, changing societies wrong perception toward women and to aware women police officers about the importance of establishing net work with colleagues and the like


Thesis Submitted to Addis Ababa University School of Business and economics Faculty Graduate Studies Program in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Master of Arts Degree in Management


Individual Factor, organizational Factor, socio- cultural Factor