The Impact of Social Network Sites Use on College Student’s Academic Performance: The case of Haramaya University

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Social Network Sites(SNSs) have become a prominent communications and entertainment tools, particularly to students; however, little is known about their impact. This study aimed to investigate the impact of SNSs use on students’ academic performance. Focusing on gender differences the study assessed the role of self-regulation and trust. It was done at Haramaya University College of Health and Medical Science. through a self-administered Survey questionnaire, data were collected from 336 students selected, via a stratified random sampling technique from the departments of Medicine, Public Health, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing and Environmental Health Science. The study showed a statistically significant negative association between the students’ self-regulation and SNSs use; a statistically significant positive relation between students trust and SNSs use; a statistically insignificant relationship between gender of students and SNSs use. But there is no significant relation between SNSs use and academic performance.



Snss, Self-Regulation, Trust, Academic Performance