Social Accountability Program for Improving Primary Education Quality: The Case of PrimaryEducation in Wolmera Woreda, Oromia Regional State

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Addis Ababa University


This research has dealt with the contribution of social accountability program to improve the quality of primary education. It is a case study that looked in to the social accountability program in selected schools of Wolmera woreda, Holeta town of Oromia National Regional State. This study used questionnaire, interview and FDG as methods of data collection. From school level social accountability clubs, a total of 67 sample respondents participated in filling the survey questionnaire. 15 FGD discussants and 4 key informants from school, kebele and woreda level purposively selected and participated in the research. The study employed mixed methods in collecting and analyzing data Thus, the findings of the study indicate that the social accountability program has been used effectively and triggered real change in the provision of quality education service delivery .The study identified various contributions of social accountability like increased awareness and capacity of citizens to know their entitlement and effectively communicate their demands to service providers and local officials. Besides, the study also identified the potential of social accountability initiative in facilitating constructive engagement among citizens, service providers and government officials which yield positive results in addressing the challenges of quality service in primary education. As a result, Most of the quality indicators like qualified primary school teachers, student-textbook ratio, student-teacher ratio, student-bench ratio are progressively achieved. Moreover, the school facilities, the conduct of teachers and students have improved and created a better condition for learning. In general, through the study it has been identified that Social Accountability programs are effective tools for ensuring quality primary education service delivery. Thus, it is appropriate to consider scaling up the program to other schools where the program is not applicable.



Running Head, Social Accountability Program Quality