Significance of Melka Kunture Prehistoric Site for Sustainable Tourism Development of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This study documents the importance of archeological sites of Melka Kunture and its environs. To deal with this issue, the qualitative method and descriptive approaches are employed using interviews, questioners, personal observations and related literature reviews. Due to the nature of the data purposive sampling was preferred to gather data from purposely selected key informant groups to meet the objective of the study. As the result of this thesis, indicates, the possible establishment of integrated archeological and cultural sites within the proposed corridor would bring significant positive impact in the development of sustainable tourism. Among all findings, the proximity of the archeological site to the capital city, as well as the presence of closely located archeological and paleontological localities, the Open Air Museum, the natural resource sites in the wide area, as well as the flourishing living cultural qualities of the Oromo people and the natural habitat are taken as the major findings of this thesis. At present compared to many other archeological sites, Melka Kunture archeological site is considered to be in a better position. Based on its proximity to the capital city and the frequent visit by researchers from abroad this research paper thoroughly discussed issues related to the need to formulate strategies for sustainable tourism development that benefits the local community. Possibly this would help propel the development of rural tourism, cultural industry as well as preserve the indigenous heritage of the local community. The paper deals with such an institutional development in the locality would provide opportunities for local and international researcher to respond and to overcome problems associated with the absence of sustainable tourism development. Therefore, the various sections of the community, Non-Governmental Organizations and the government should properly focus on conducting critical researches, capacity building and appropriate interventions by using integrative approaches developing heritage sites to meet international standards



Melka Kunture,Tourism