Evaluation of the Design and Implementation of Decentralized Billing System Project and its Impact on Change Management Process. A Case Study of EEPCO.

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The intention of any change is to move an organization from its current state to a more desirable state. However, pursuing change and transforming organizations is hard work. Many change initiatives fail because either culture do not ready to accept change or the change process was not administrated properly. Some successful Corporations like EEPCO, may fail in some aspect of their change management process. Change can be emanated due to external environment pressure, Regulatory environment, business objective (goals, strategies, requirements), result of audit or risk assessment, operational problem or change in performance or capacity requirements. The main issue is the change must be addressed and managed effectively. This paper is to evaluate the effectiveness of the design and implementation of EEPCO's billing system. The study focuses on the effort made to identify the problem and design an effective billing system and the implementation of the designed system to change the old IBM based As/400 system. The problems associated with this change process and the reaction from responsible bodies was assessed. This study identifies that; there were problems in the change management of the case under consideration. It was suggested that to tackle the identified problems and to purse additional changes management should take corrective action promptly. This may enable change to be understood as a discontinuous phenomenon. I believe that, the paper was not adequately addressed all the problems of the change process of the billing project. However, the paper will trigger the sluggish management to reconsider the problems and to put some influences to create sense of urgency to act as energetic leader to overcome the problems.



Decentralised Billing, Management Process