Employee Participation in Organizational Decision Making Process and Its Effect on their Performance: The Case of Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation

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Addis Ababa University


The study assessed employee participation on organizational decision making process in the case of ECWC. To achieve, the overall objective of the study specifically focused to address major basic research questions area such as, assessing organizational strategy to participate employee in decision making, assess level of employee participation, assess the effect of low level of employee participation, and measured organizational performance. To address the area relevant data were collected from the organization employee using structured questionnaire. Regarding the sample size of sample population, the study considers 88 employees using purposive sampling technique. Based on this the study were analyzed the collected data using descriptive data analysis method. Accordingly, the major finding implied that, Regarding employees perception, the finding implied that, even though large proportion of employee perceived participation in organizational decision making improve both employee and organizational performance, however, there were also employees that didn’t have positive attitude on employee participation of the organizational decision making process; some of them believed participating on organizational decision making create additional burden on employee, while some of them also perceived that, participating on organizational decision making weaken management practice. The study also found that, there are few employees represented on top level of management on decision making process, while the proportion increase slightly to the middle and lower level of management, however, most of the employee didn’t participate in any of the management level. Regarding employee’s opinion and feedback, the finding implied management didn’t actively encouraged employee to give their opinion and feedbacks, before they decide organizational activities. Regarding the organizational culture and environment, the study had found that, there were lack of organizational commitment and strategies to participate employee in several decision making process, there were also lack of clear rule and regulation how to participation on the organizational different types of activities. Based on the findings the study recommends that, management should encourage employee using different managerial techniques, management should increase employee on major issues of management decision making.


A Research Paper Submitted To the School Of Graduate Studies Of Addis Ababa University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree of Master Public Administration & Development Management (PADM)


Employee, Decision, Participation, Performance