The Impact of Federal-States Intergovernmental Relations on Regional States Autonomy in Ethopia

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Addis Ababa University


Federal-states intergovernmental relations have direct impact on the operation of the federal system and very important in understanding the operational part of a federal system since it has the tendency to alter or entirely change the constitutional division of power. This is so, because intergovernmental relations are inherent in federations which give life to the federal system through practice after the constitution divide powers between orders of government. Some federations deal it in their constitution while others develop through legislation. Some relies on institution that manages these relations. In Ethiopia, the constitution is not adequate in providing some hint how to manage. Nor it provided institution that does this. The federal government established organization of regional affairs in 1994 that later devolved to ministry of federal affairs in 2001. As the assessment of this institution is made by this thesis, it is limited to some extent, if not invisible in coordinating the relations between federal government institution and states institution. This thesis is aimed to analysis the impact that federalstates intergovernmental relations operate in the absence of adequate constitution and practical institution, in the dominant ruling party and infant-stage federal system has on the autonomy of states. To come to this objective, it firstly provided conceptual framework from existing literatures and then captured federations' experiences. It also used interview conducted on four groups; namely, government official at state, government official at federal, academician group who are familiar to the study and political party both ruling and opposition party. Using all these mechanisms, the result shows that in Ethiopia, federalstates intergovernmental relations influences the constitutionally given state autonomy and the federal government and its executive institutions dominates the process of Ethiopian federal-state intergovernmental relations.