Assessment of Post Rape Care Services in Gandhi Memorial Hospital Addis Ababa

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Addis ababa University


Gender-based violence is a serious public health and human rights violation that women and girls of all ages across various cultures and classes experience. Survivors of gender based violence have various needs including health, psychosocial, legal and protection needs that require to be met in order to recover and heal. If survivors are able to receive timely services they need and are treated in an empathic, supportive manner, then service providers can help facilitate survivors‟ recovery. The study attempted to assess the availability and accessibility of services for survivors of rape in Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital. A qualitative research method was used and among the five approaches of qualitative research method, an instrumental case study approach was applied. The research explores services being rendered in the center for survivors in line with standard GBV guidelines for service provision. The study area is the one-stop integrated services center for gender based violence survivors within the hospital. Purposive sampling method was used while selecting the study area and key informant interviews, focus group discussions and observation were used for data collection. The data gathered was then analyzed thematically. It has been found that Gandhi Memorial hospital integrated center provides health, psychosocial support, legal assistance and referral services. Not all service providers working in the center are trained on specialized GBV trainings for working with survivors, including child survivors. Furthermore, linking survivors with the option of rehabilitation and group support programs is a gap. This study is believed to have a contribution towards the improvement of quality of services rendered for survivors of rape and gender based violence in Ethiopia.



Assessment of Post Rape Care Services in Gandhi Memorial Hospital Addis Ababa