The System and Practice of Monitoring and Evaluation in Ethiopian Construction Projects: The Case of Gift Real Estate Plc

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Addis Ababa University


In order to ascertain if progress is being achieved toward the initial goals and objectives of a project, M&E systems continuously acquire information and evaluate it. It is an essential component of both sound management practices and the project cycle. Evaluation of M&E processes at Gift Real Estate PLC (GRE) is the research's main goal. Project managers, onsite office engineers, and project coordinators at the Head office—direct users of the company's M&E system were all included in the research, which employed a purposive technique of sampling. The study employed a descriptive research approach and used key informant interviews and questionnaires to collect data. The data received from both the open-ended and the closed-ended questions is presented together. All of the organization's staff members and the management team were the study's target population.MS Excel was used for data analysis. In addition, summary tables and charts are used for describing data. According to the findings of the study Gift Real Estate PLC (GRE) has organized M&E system in the organizational structure, but it is not entirely systematized one. The current system lacks a comprehensive guide to navigate the process. The study findings indicate room for improvement in the organizational process of the monitoring and evaluation system. The company M&E practices could benefit from has come to light that the company may consider allocating additional, both in terms of budget and personnel, to optimize their monitoring and evaluation efforts. The investigation also discovered that the company employed process or activity monitoring to keep in touch with the project's development. The cost benefit analysis is used to assess project performance with the aim of calculating only the profit without taking remedial action for wrong preference or practice. Therefore, the firm should prepare a framework and guidelines for the M&E system. All the staff at the firm should be informed about the significance of the system. Training on M&E for direct participants of the system should be provided to avoid the inadequacy of staff and the data issues



Monitoring, Evaluation