Prototype Expert System for Personnel Selection and Promotion: A Case Study of Federal Civil Service Commission of Ethiopia

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Human resources are the most important assets to an organisation and their effective management is the key to its success. Human Resource Management (HRM) fucilitates the most effective use of employees to achieve organisational goals. The rapid expansion in the use of computers has brought the growth in the applications of computer to the Human Resource (HR) area. Originally, the use of computers in this area was limited to such routine functions as producing pay checks, payroll reports, etc. Today, full fledged Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) have been developed that support other activities beyond these routine functions. The various type of systems that come under HRlS full into three major categories: Decision Support Systems (DSS), Executive Information Systems (EJS), and Expert Systems (ES). Expert systems development in HR domains is helpful for solving unstructured HRM activities. This study experiments with the development and application of ES in HRM, taking personnel selection for promotion in Federal Civil Service Commission of Ethiopia as a case and using existing resources and facilities at the School of Information Studies for Africa (SISA). As a result, a prototype expert system is developed using expert system shell - KnowledgePro, and rule based knowledge representation approach. The features and capability of the prototype system developed in this work is demonstrated and discussed. The knowledge required for performing the task is extracted from: domain experts, written documents (on rules and regulations of promotion process), and analysis of actual cases processed.



Prototype Expert System for Personnel Selection and Promotion