The Influence of Bond Deterioration Zone on Tension Stiffening of Flexural Members On Short-Term Deflection

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Addis Ababa University


The bond between concrete and steel bars is of fundamental importance to deformation characteristics of cracked concrete structures. It has been studied for many years. But the results of the studies seem to be inadequate for concrete structure analysis. They are not reflected in engineering practice and codes. This affects the load caring capacity and deformational behavior of a beam. Moreover, the present design trend introduces the use of higher strength concrete and reinforcement which leads to longer spans and smaller depth of beams, for this case deformations are often the governing design criteria. In this study, the impacts of bond degradation on tension stiffening are examined in an analytical model. A method for calculating short-term deflection is proposed by considering these impacts. Also available experimental data is assessed which confirmed the theoretical predictions.



tension stiffening, bond deterioration zone, short term deflection