The Impact of Male Involvement in Family Planning: A Case Study in Yeka Sub-city, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This study assessed the impact of male involvement in family planning by taking Yeka sub-city as a case study, which is found to be the least in contraceptive usage form the 10 sub-cites found in Addis Ababa. The study used both qualitative and quantitative data and to gather the required information used semi-structured interview with key informants, structured questionnaire to collect information from married individuals living in the sub-city, and a focus group discussion held with women who use FP program in Kotebe health center. The study used simple random sampling to select the individuals included in the study. From the three health centers found in this sub-city, kebeles with the largest number of clients coming to those Hes for contraceptive selected to take the samples. To analyze and interpret the data Micro-Soft Excel used to arrange the data. The qualitative data decoded and incorporated in the analysis to draw inference. The study disclose that men involvement could have a multiple advantage in promoting shared reproductive decision making such as contraceptive usage, fertility desire and intention, as well mutual responsibility in house chores and child caring. The finding indicate that men involvement play important role in the use of contraceptive, a lot has to be done related to ferti lity related attitudes and behaviours and for effective provision of family planning. Also found out men are considered to be beyond the scope of family planning programmes; the reason include the notions that reproduction is primarily a women's issue and that men usually do not take responsibility for reproductive health and family planning. The study suggests that a need to design a program which involves men to meet their needs and to change their attitudes towards RH/FP issues motivate them to be partners.



Impact of Male Involvement in Family Planning