Challenges and Prospects of BSC implementation in Ethio telecom: The Case of Customer service division

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Addis Ababa University


This study is intended to assess the main challenges and key success factors of BSC implementation in ethiotelecom specifically in customer service division. All employees of customer service division were taken as population of the study and a sample size of 93 were drawn from the population. Primary data for analysis has been collected through structured questionnaire and key informant interview to answer the established research questions about basic challenges of BSC implementation, the implementation level of BSC and key success factors to successfully implement BSC in the division. Descriptive method of data analysis was applied using mean, frequencies and standard deviations to address the specific objectives of the study. Based on this, the study identified that lack of effective communication and creating adequate understanding about BSC on employees by allocating sufficient time for that before implementing the tool, lack of periodic training about BSC as demonstrative training or any other form to empower employees once it becomes operational and lack of consistent support from top management in implementing BSC in the division were identified as bottle necks in implementing BSC. Regarding implementation level, BSC is properly implemented in the division except explaining KPI parameters by concerned body and individuals reach at consensus on its implementation which needs certain improvement. About the key success factors the study found that being online service, availability of competent staffs and availability of adequate and appropriate technologies enables the division to successfully implement BSC. Finally the study proposes effective communication about newly implemented project and its objective with all stakeholders is necessary, consistent periodical trainings either quarterly, semiannually or annually to update the knowledge of its staffs about BSC and empower them to independently and appropriately apply it, sufficient and consistent support and end to end follow up from top management is important and customer service division must create a condition for staffs that can sufficiently motivate by providing appropriate motivation packages for best performer individuals by BSC.


A Thesis submitted to the school of Graduate Studies of Addis Ababa University in Partial Fulfillment for the Degree of Masters of Art in Public Management and Policy (MPMP)


Balanced score card, Customer service, Ethiotelecom