Analysis of Frames in Group Chief Executive Officer Messages of Ethiopian Airlines Selamta Magazine

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Addis Ababa University


This study did analysis of frames in messages from the Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines. To gain better understanding of the frames and get the views of the message crafters, a qualitative research approach had been employed. More specifically, content analysis, focus group discussion, and in-depth interview were integrated. The data then were thematically analyzed. The results, therefore, have revealed that the Corporate Communication Department of Ethiopian Airline utilizes overarching frames such as: ‘The Leading Airline Frame’, ‘The Pan African Frame’, ‘The Fast, Profitable Growth Frame’, ‘Customer First/Hospitality Frame’, and the ‘Multiple Hub Strategy Frame’. It was also found out that the department has never approached the frequent travelers for whom the magazine and the message are meant to for their feedback. Similarly, the readability rate of the Group CEO messages, compared to other segments of the magazine, was found to be minimal. To better communicate with the readers of the magazine, the department needs to utilize the market feedback analysis technique, a technique used by other departments of the airline for feedback gathering function, so as to genuinely hear the voice of the travellers and to tailor the message as per their desire. This, for an airline that pledges to respect the customers’ interest, is a vital action to take. Equally, aggressively benchmarking the global practices in designing messages must be made regularly as the industry is dynamic.



Messages of Ethiopian Airlines Selamta Magazine