Application of Electrical Resistivity Method for Ground Water Exploration in South Western Butajira Area, Guraghe Zone

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Addis Ababa University


The basic mathematical fowldation for the vertical electrical sounding method has been presented by deriving the formula for the potential distribution at the surface of a horizontally stratified earth. The apparent resistivity and its relation with resistivity transform function has been shown particularly for . Sci umberger Configuration. The theoretical background for resistivity inversion with the ridge regression technique has been explained following the method of IIIDlan. On the basis of the above theoretical consideration the electrical resistivity method has been applied for ground water exploration and possible site for borehole location in South Western Butajira Area, Southern Ethiopia. To do th is survey along three profi le lines were taken with a total of 20 YES points out of which 15 were analyzed in detail.



Application of Electrical Resistivity Method