Effects of Teachers' Working Conditions and Perceived Organizational Support on Professional Commitment (The Case of High School Teachers in West Gojjam Zone)

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to examme the effects of Perceived Organizational Support, Participation m Decision-making, Extra Role Involvement, Teaching Experience, and Feelings of Professional Community on Professional Commitment of teachers' teaching in West Gojjam Zone high schools. In developing the instruments, Cronbach's alpha reliability for each scale and item total correlations for each items were computed for pilot and alpha coefficient again for the main study. 135 randomly selected teachers and 7 principals of each from 7 randomly selected schools of the Zone were used as the sample of the study. The data were gathered with 59 close-ended items and with some open-ended questions for teachers and with semi structured interview for school principals. Pearson product moment correlation, analysis of variance (ANOVA), multiple and stepwise regression analysis were used to analyze the data. The result revealed that professional commitment was positively and significantly correlated with participation in decision-making (r=.625, p<.Ol), perceived organizational support{r=.594, p<.Ol), feelings of professional community (r=. 517, p<.Ol), extra role involvement (r=.449, p<.Ol), and year of teaching experience{r=.216, p<.05). All the independent variables together contributed 44.7% {F (5. J29) =20.848, P<.OOl) to the variability in teachers' professional commitment. Participation in decision-making being the major predictor explained 39.4% (F (1,J33) =86.476, P<.OOl); extra role involvement and perceived organizational support were the second and third major predictors, respectively. The above three variables together explained about 43.9% (F(3,J3J)=34.174, P,<.OOl) of the variability. The rest two independent variables were not significant predictors of teachers' professional commitment. Hence, this study would help educational leaders, professionals, and school principals in their effort of enhancing and maintaining high school teachers' professional commitment.